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Would you like to find out about puppet performances and workshops happening in your area or abroad? You can join a local or national or international puppetry organization and get monthly updates.

"UNIMA" is the international puppetry organization, "Puppeteers of America" is the national one holding regular festivals around the country and producing a monthly journal. Puppeteers of America also has local guilds and you can find one in your area.

The Henson Foundation supports innovation in puppetry arts. The foundation gives out grants and has an email newsletter.

"Puppet Happenings" announcing NY and national puppet performances. If you are working on a research project or just looking for fun puppet websites we have them listed for you below. (These links will cause you to leave the Folkmanis website.)

Puppetry Guilds, organizations and events
Center for Puppetry Arts
The Henson Foundation
Puppeteers of America
San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild
Asheville Puppetry Alliance
The International Puppetry Museum
Atlanta Puppetry Guild

International Puppetry Organizations & Sites
Verband Deutsche Puppentheater e.V. (German puppeteers)
Union Internationale de la Marionnette
The British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild
Institut International de la Marionnette

Puppetry history
The Puppetry Home Page
A Brief History of the Puppet Theatre
History of Puppetry/Puppet Theatre (with special thanks to Madison!)

Punch and Judy
Punch and Judy College of Professors
Punch and Judy Wikipedia
The Punch Page
The Worldwide Friends of Punch and Judy Puppets
Punch and Judy on the Web

Puppet show information
The Creativity Institute
How to create a shadow puppet theatre.
The Puppet House Theater
Puppetry Resources
The Topic: Puppets (How to's on puppet building.)
Legends and Lore (How to write a puppet show.)
How to write a puppet scripts.

Puppet Fun!
Puppet Bike (Because we’re fans of street puppetry!)
The Puppet Vision Blog
Puppeteers Unite! Blog
5 Basic Techniques of Puppetry

If you know of a great puppetry organization or website that we've left off of this list, please submit it to us here. Happy puppeteering!