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Folkmanis Puppets at Toyfair 08

Puppets are serious business. Ok - we're kidding! Our puppets were created for FUN! Are you ready to have some fun with your Folkmanis puppets? Good, you're at the right place.

As you navigate around this section (using the menu to the left) you'll find instructions on how to become a skillful puppeteer. We even have lovely videos of some of our puppeteering staff to show you how it's done! And if it's videos you like, we have lots of great puppet shows in the video clips section.

The games and puppet shows section contains our online Kerpoof game as well as scripts for puppet shows that feature our puppets. You can either download or print them. And if you choose to perform one and send us a video of it, we'll post it in our video clips section! (Thus creating a tidy and endless loop of puppety fun.)

Are you SOOOO into our puppets that you've created a blog or fan site for one or two of your Folkmanis pals? Or if not, do you like to read about other folks who do? Then go to the Fan Pages section. Puppetry Resources are lots of links to puppetry organizations, festivals and guilds around the globe. And if you'd like to see Folkmanis puppets cavorting across your desktop daily, then click on the Downloads section.